Vivid 11: The PinnacleEsvelt Gallery at Columbia Basin College in Pasco, WA. Ceramics by Ruth E. AllanGallery Installation at Rogue Community CollegeGallery Installation at Rogue Community CollegeGallery Installation at Rogue Community CollegeVivid 10: The UnchartedVivid 9: The DivideVivid 8: The AdvanceVivid 7: The EscapeVivid 6: The LuminaryVivid 5: The GorgeNew work on studio floor at Centrum in Port TownsendNew work in progress on studio floor at Centrum in Port TownsendIn Progress work on studio floor at Sitka Center for Art & EcologyWorking at the Sitka Center for Art & EcologySitkaVivid 4Vivid 4 detailVivid 4 detailVivid 4 being installedVivid 4 being installedAcross the street view of Vivid 4 installed in Fishbowl II at Blackfish Gallery in Portland, ORVivid 3Vivid 3 detailVivid 3 detailVivid 3 detailVivid 2Rosacea installed at Esvelt GalleryWork in Saranac Art Projects, Spokane, WA. August 2014Quis Rosaceae installed in Saranac Art Projects, Spokane, WACollaboration piece at South Dakota State UniversitySDSU ProjectSDSU ProjectSDSU ProjectSDSU ProjectSDSU ProjectWorking with students at South Dakota State UniversitySDSU ProjectPieces 1Pieces 2Pieces 3Pieces 4Pieces 5Pieces 6Pieces 7Pieces 8Pieces 9Pieces 10Dust 1Dust 2Dust 3Dust 4Dust 5Dust 6Dust 7Dust 8Dust 9Dust 10
Body in Landscape Series
Body in Landscape has been evolving over many years of exploration in art-making. The Pacific Northwest landscape, changes in seasons, botany & ecology, human effects on the environment, the natural world, and concepts of movement, are all themes I explore when making works for this series.

Under Body in Landscape as a heading, I have created other series that fit within it in a variety of means. Included here you will find:
Dust Series consists of large drawings reflects on my personal experiences from living in the Inland Northwest landscape.
Pieces Series was created at the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, VT during my stay there in July 2012.
The SDSU Project is from my time at South Dakota State University working with students there for a week-long collaborative residency.
Vivid Series are an experiment into a new "installation/large drawings consisting of many parts" that continues to change with each work, as i have decided that all of these projects have become experiments in making. I am learning a lot as I venture into mediums I am less familiar with, and am willing to take chances/fail at what I am working on to come to a new result.