PORTFOLIO > Body in Landscape Series

I visited South Dakota State University as a visiting artist in 2013. I worked with students from their animation, drawing, graphic design, and painting departments to create a life-size installation drawing that filled one side of the gallery. Additionally, we photographed the making of the work to create an animation.
The work was based on the school's large garden that is next to the campus and I asked students to pick some shapes to work to make them "move" or transform in the animation. I was interested in working with a group of people collaboratively so that I wasn't making all of the design choices. The making of the work was very physical and time-consuming, something I enjoyed as this is how I usually work when I am alone but I rarely document it. I liked how the nature of making the piece required us to draw and paint quickly and at a larger size than most people were used to working. These parameters meant that the drawing was very gestural and turned out to be a sort of record of people coming and going, a recording of their physical work and time spent with the piece. Colors were inspired by the fall season.
Thanks to all the students who worked with me, and thanks to my friend Molly Wicks and South Dakota State University's art department for bringing me there to visit!

SDSU Project
mixed media installation with animation