• My work is based on visitations to specific sites to observe and collect details from a landscape. From those visits, I develop site-specific drawings that explore the interactions, intersections, and interconnectedness of people and the natural world. I am interested in how we use, view, and experience nature from multiple points of view, including depictions through old and new technology. Researching the history, ecology, and use of land and resources, informs my mixed-media drawings.

    Mariah received her BA from Eastern Oregon University and her MFA from Washington State University in 2012. Primarily a drawer, she uses a variety of materials including charcoal, inks, pastels, and collage to make images inspired by landscapes and the history of sites located in the Western United States. She is a faculty member at Spokane Falls Community College and is part of the regional art collective, Saranac Art Projects, in Spokane, Washington.
    Read more about Mariah's work at: Cheney Free Press